Ohio Township Property Tax Information

Source:  Ohio Township Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes, 3/11/2019 

"Mr. Beatty began the meeting by first explaining the recent property tax increase from 2.29 to 3.09.  The Fire Company, due to membership decline, asked the township for more financial help.  The amount of financial support rose from $193,800 to $400,000; the Mt. Nebo Road Widening project, union contract negotiations, hospitalization, pension and MS4 stormwater mandate also contributed to the need for the tax increase. 


Chief Rob Penfield from the OTVFD explained the current situation with membership and the time requirements of a volunteer firefighter.  The Fire Department is solely maned by volunteers who dedicate their time completing required training, responding to emergencies, meeting attendance, and their own time commitments, there just isn’t enough time for fundraising activities."

News from Ohio Township Board of Supervisors Meeting 3/11/2019


Support for our Volunteer Fire Department!

The increase in millage rate will provide financial resources for our fire department. We completely support anything that will provide our volunteer firefighters with up-do-date equipment, vehicles, and training.




Questions about advance notice of the recent millage increase.

At the March 11, 2019 Ohio Township Board of Supervisors meeting some residents expressed concern that there was no advance notice of the recent millage increase. The increase in millage for the township was announced in The Citizen newspaper (hard copies only) last year. The township is required to make this type of announcement in a local paper -- The Citizen. 

· Paper copies of The Citizen are available to all residents at the Ohio Township offices, as you enter   the building the papers are on the table in the lobby area.

· Copies are also available at Giant Eagle

· You can also subscribe to the newspaper. Website for The Citizen: http://www.thecitizen.us/ 

Chief of Police Alert for Residents

At this evening's Board of Supervisor's meeting (3/11/2019) Police Chief Hanny warned residents to beware of fraud schemes and scams.  A significant number of fraud incidences have been reported to the police department.  He said to be cautious and alert  if anyone tries to offer questionable services or deals.

Chief Hanny is going to provide us with more information and details. It will be shared here on the website.

3/15/2019 UPDATE:  On April 13, 2019 A presentation from the Ohio Township Police Department pertaining to this subject will be available to homeowners.  Details on the HOA website Message Board.


Ohio Township Property Tax Information

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