$40,381.00 overpaid (2017-early 2019) Snow Removal

Bad Business Judgment = a Poorly-Negotiated Contract Commitment to 30 Occurrences. Homeowners Pay for Services Never Performed.

4  “unused” occurrences = $11,068 overpaid for 2017-2018 Winter

9 “unused” occurrences = $29,313 overpaid for 2018-2019 Winter

Cost difference to have a 1-inch snow trigger versus a 2-inch trigger: $14,700 more for 1-inch trigger. (And the 2018-2019 contract contained less service--no treatment for "refreeze.")

Source:  2017, 2018, 2019 Financial Statements

Source:  Snow Removal Contract(s)

April, 2019:  At the annual meeting (4/11/2019), the Board had no idea how many snow removal occurrences we had this winter (even though they received interim reports); the management company representative "guessed" we had 21 occurrences. We still have not heard from the Board informing us of a definitive number of occurrences.  


We are skeptical that there were 21 occurrences this winter (Nov. 2018 through March 2019). We did not have that much snow.  So we probably overpaid even more than $29,310.  None of the Board members have responded to us with an exact number of occurrences.  We keep waiting....

Do you think they might be over-estimating the number of occurrences to cover-up bad judgment and a poorly-negotiated contract commitment to 30 occurrences?


[Even if we actually did have 21 occurrences: WE STILL OVERPAID BY AT LEAST $29,310!  Yep, that's $29,310 for nothing.].


The snow removal company recently changed its name.  The company may be trying to hide its C- rating with the Better Business Bureau.


We paid $97,700 this winter for snow removal


Nearly $15,000 more than last winter...for the same number of occurrences (30). We pay for 30 occurrences; snow or no snow.

We've contracted to pay for 30 occurrences; same as last year.  Only this year we pay more for the 30 "occurrences."  


We paid $19,540 per month  (November 2018 - March 2019).  Regardless of how much it snowed.

[Source: Snow Removal Contract]

$97,700 -- We paid for 30 "occurrences" whether it snowed or not.